Andrey Turchak and Head of the Federal Customs Service discussed creation of a customs checkpoint in Moglino SEZ

19 February 2014 infrastructure, SEZ

On February 18th in Moscow Governor of the Pskov region Andrey Turchak met Head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) Andrey Beliyaninov to discuss further development of customs infrastructure in the region.

Special focus was put on creation of a customs checkpoint within the special economic zone of the industrial production type “Moglino”.

Governor Turchak said that most enterprises located within Moglino SEZ would be export-oriented. Substantial cargo flows will go both ways – to and from the SEZ. At the same time, as the Governor highlighted, some multiway automobile checkpoints (Shumilkino and Kunichina Gora, Ubylinka) functioning in the territory of the region are stretched to the limit and, once companies of Moglino SEZ will start their activities, won’t cope with the growing load causing queues at customs checkpoints. In this regard Andrey Turchak drew Mr. Beliyaninov attention to the need to carry out reconstruction of existing customs checkpoints and increase staffing of the Pskov Customs.

Head of the FCS Andrey Beliyninov assured that the matter would be taken into detailed consideration. Besides, he added that following week the FCS expert committee would visit the region and based on the results of its work technical specifications for creation of a customs checkpoint within Moglino SEZ would be finalized.
Also, Governor asked the Head of the FCS to consider the opportunity to implement a pilot project on creation of a green channel to move cargo from Shumilkino and Kunichina Gora automobile checkpoints to Moglino SEZ and back. “It is essential in order to speed up customs operations and create favorable conditions for residents”, Andrey Turchak explained.