Andrey Turchak: Positive experience of Porkhov can be used in other districts

07 February 2014 energy, Governor, processing

On February 6th during his working trip to the Porkhov district Governor of the Pskov region Andrey Turchak examined a peat boiler plant in Porkhov.

As Vice Governor Alexander Kuznetsov noted, in 2012 in accordance with the regional program on transfer of boiler pants to local types of fuel replacement of equipment was carried out at this facility. Participation in the program was initiated by the district authorities. 550 thousand rubles were allocated for installation of equipment from own funds of the enterprise. As a result, the coal boiler plant started working on peat pellets.

Alexander Kuznetsov added that all work at the facility was automated. “The boiler plant supplies heat only to one apartment building, but as early as within two years all investment should pay back”, Vice Governor said. “Such positive experience can be used in other districts of the Pskov region”, Andrey Turchak noted.

Alexander Kuznetsov also added that 10 boilers will be supplied to the Porkhov district under the program on transfer of boiler plants to local types of fuel, making it possible to modernize all available coal boiler plants.

The regional program “Development of Peat and Other Local Fuel Types for 2010-2014” will allow the region to reduce the use imported fuel, such as bitumen and coal, affecting the tariffs for the population. It is suggested to use peat and woodchips as local fuel.

During his trip the Governor also visited Porkhovsky creamery to see its modern production line. Porkhovsky creamery, founded in 1975, is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of cheese and butter. Alexander Konstantinov, director of the factory, said that in 2009 the enterprise had undergone full modernization and a new automated line with the capacity to process up to 200 ton of milk daily had been installed. Andrey Turchak was guided through the production stages and a warehouse for finished goods and tried several sorts of natural cheeses produced at the factory.