Using beneficial geographical position and proximity to Baltic Sea ports, the administration of the Pskov region managed to create a logistics hub with an international airport, developed road network and several key transport railway junctions.

Federal highways passing through the territory of the Pskov region link Russian and European economic centers: St Petersburg - Kiev (M20), Moscow - Riga (M9).

Railroads passing through the territory of the Pskov region: Moscow - Riga, St Petersburg - Odessa, St Petersburg - Vilnius - Kaliningrad, St Petersburg - Riga.

The Pskov region has an excellent transport accessibility to Baltic sea ports. Large Russian and Baltic ports: St Petersburg, Ust'-Luga, Riga, Tallinn, Gdansk (Poland), Helsinki (Kotka).

9 border crossing points including one airport, 5 automobile and 3 railway and 6 customs posts operate in the Pskov region.  This provides for fast and convenient cargo delivery.

Under the 'Concept of customs registration and customs control of imported goods in places close to the state border' the Pskov region is building customs and logistics infrastructure along the border on the European Union at key checkpoints.

Today, Pskov region has 6 operating customs and logistics terminals which have 10 temporary storage warehouses. The logistics terminals provide services on customs registration, temporary storage etc.

'Green corridor' pilot project

The Pskov region is also implementing a pilot project on a simplified procedure of international transport vehicles border crossing at multilateral automobile car checkpoints. A simplified order includes a separate lane and a parking for car carriers, as well as a dedicated window for customs transit procedure registration.

For information: 100% Mercedes cars entering the RF territory by land cross the border in the Pskov region. This is due to the 'green corridor' system and convenience of logistics routes.


Pskov has an international airport for passenger and freight medium-haul aircrafts. There are regular flights Pskov - Moscow and Pskov - St Petersburg. Pskovavia, OAO has a long experience of freight flights to and from Europe and Africa, domestic freight traffic, as well as flights bypassing Russia.

Brief description automobile logistics:

  • 89 members of ASMAP (Association of international automobile carriers) operate in Pskov;
  • 120 companies operate in sphere of international logistics;
  • The fleet of freight motor transport is over 1000.

Railway transportation:

  • There are 112 railway stations, 4 junction stations and 3 border stations in the Pskov region;
  • 61 companies perform car supply operations;
  • 20 companies provide loading operations on railway cars.

We are glad to offer for your attention several promising ideas for new logistics projects in Pskov:

  • Opportunities for cargo storage (development of customs and logistics infrastructure)
  • Opportunities for cargo distribution (development of logistics infrastructure)
  • Opportunities for cargo processing (development of industrial infrastructure)

We offer various investment sites to logistics companies.