Investment Council

The Investment Council of the Pskov region (hereinafter – the Council) is a coordinating public advisory body headed by Governor of the Pskov region created in order to facilitate implementation of the state policy on investment activity in the region, ensure coordinated interaction of state authorities of the region, territorial bodies of federal executive bodies, local self-government bodies, public associations, organizations, sole proprietors, experts participating in the investment process.

The activities of the Council are governed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws, decrees and instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, resolutions and instructions of the Government of the RF, the Charter of the Pskov region, legal acts of the Pskov region, as well as the present Regulation.

The members of the Council include representatives of the state authorities of the Russian Federation, executive bodies of the region, local self-government bodies, public associations, crediting organizations, as well as experts.