Agriculture is one of priority directions of social and economic development of the Pskov region. 56,7% of lands in Pskov are agriculture lands. There are 252,6 thousand ha of vacant land. Developed agriculture sectors in Pskov:

  • animal husbandry – cattle, pig breeding;
  • poultry farming;
  • crop and vegetable growing (closed and open soil), orcharding;
  • aquaculture.

The most developed agriculture sector in Pskov is meat and dairy cattle breeding.

In the recent animal production has been growing steadily. For large dairy complexes, 1200 animals and annual milk production of 9 thousand tons each, were constructed. These complexes received pedigree cows from Australia.

Pskov provides every condition for fishery development. The climate of the region is suitable for sturgeon, trout, carp, and other kinds of fish.

Pskov is home to 199 agricultural enterprises, 224 peasant (farmer) holdings and to over 90 thousand private farms.

There are 8 processing plants in the region including 6 dairy plants and 2 meat processing plants. Processing plants capacity: dairy processing – 1005 tons per shift, meat processing – 450 cattle and 1600 pigs per day.

Range of products: over 100 dairy products, over 180 meat products.

Pskov and Velikiye Luki meat plants are the largest meat processing plants in the Pskov region. Velikiye Luki meat plant is a flagship of meat industry in the North-Western region. Since 2002 it solidly belongs to the top seven largest Russian producers of sausage. Their production is widely known in the Pskov region and beyond.

Production of agriculture machinery is also well developed in Pskov. We produce:

  • specialized freight motor transport, tractor trailers, and loaders;
  • timber trucks, cranes-manipulators, metal carriers;
  • soil cultivating appliances, plows for tractors.

These directions provide a possibility for cooperation and joint projects with Pskov enterprises in the sphere of agriculture machinery production.

We also provide various investment sites to locate an agriculture enterprise in any district of the Pskov region.

State program for agriculture development for 2013-2020

1. Subsidies for pedirgee cattle growing

2. Subsidies for dairy farming development

3. Subsidies for fish farming development

4. State support via bank loan programs in vegetables growing

5. Compensations in case of crops loss

6. Grant support to new farmers

7. Support to family animal-breeding farms 

8. Support via bank loan programs for small enterprises

9. Reclamation works

10. Tax benefits